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Priority Gateways are commonly used for sending real time critical messages which needs to be delivered instantly like Share Market Buying/Selling Tips, Sending Verification code from website in order to login, Sending high security transaction code to customers in banking & financial sectors and suitable for all business sectors which demands instant delivery. Priority Gateways are little costly than Normal Gateways's

SMS CreditsPrice Per SMSValidityTotal Price
1000    0.35 INRUnlimited350.00 INR
5000    0.30 INRUnlimited1500.00 INR
10000    0.20 INRUnlimited2000.00 INR
50000    0.10 INRUnlimited5000.00 INR
100000    0.07 INRUnlimited7000.00 INR
500000    0.06 INRUnlimited30000.00 INR
1000000    0.05 INRUnlimited50000.00 INR
5000000    0.04 INRUnlimited200000.00 INR

Terms & Conditions

1) 100% of payment in advance.
2) Service will be activated only after confirmation of payment.
3) Above prices are non-negotiable.


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