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Desktop softwares can not serve you on various locations. If you have multi-location businesss having branches spread around then Online Web applications can serve you better.

Here are few points for why to choose Web Applications

  • One place installation
    -Unlike desktop applications, web applications are installed at one place only and can be accessed within the network. No separate installation required for each node or client.
  • Access Anywhere
    -Desktop applications can be accessed on the system they are installed on. In contrast, Web applications can be accessed within entire network.
  • Saves bulk licensing price
    -In desktop application you require to purchase separate license for each installation whereas in Web application One installation serves all locations so it saves Licensing Price.
  • Saves Resource prices
    -In desktop application you need to meet the hardware and software requirements on each place it is installed. As Web application is installed on one place so your nodes need not to meet any such requirements.
  • Does not stop work in disasters
    -In case of any hardware or software failure you require to install desktop application every time which of course takes a huge time and pauses the work. Where as in Web application you can simply replace the node pc and start working, no additional installation is required.
  • No additional setup for web or intranet
    -Desktop applications can not run accross intranet or web unless and until they are installed on nodes. Web application can run on Intranet and Web as well. If you are running web application on intranet then you can easily switch to Internet without having any new development.

So, if you feel that above points are suitable for your development then you can switch to Web Application development. Call us to know what's better for you.

For any enquiry related to Web Application Development can be sent info@varshasoftline.com

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